You may be wondering if looking back at your past can really help with your current problems, after all, we can’t change the past. I believe looking back can often give us the most important tools we need to move forward with a fresh outlook and renewed understanding. 

The type of therapy I practise, psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapy, often puts quite a bit of emphasis of looking at where we come from and our early experiences as children as part of a family. Sometimes you may wonder if dwelling on the past is useful, and occasionally, if you have unhappy or traumatic memories, it may feel upsetting to go through them again. I believe looking back is really important, because all of us are profoundly shaped by our early experiences and our relationships with our closest care-givers.

Understanding these early experiences can give us vital insight about the people we are today, and the often unconscious patterns of behaviour we carry with us. This can be particularly helpful if you find you end up in similar situations all the time. Maybe you end up choosing partners who let you down or are unavailable to meet your needs. Or maybe you take on too much responsibility at work and feel unseen and underappreciated, carrying the load and striving for perfection. 

When you begin to understand how you have got to where you are now, you can also begin to find a better way forward.  

My core therapy approach is based on psychodynamic counselling and therapy. As a psychodynamic counsellor I can help you explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, which may involve discussing past events, such as those from your childhood. This will help you consider how your personality and life experiences influence your current thoughts, feelings, relationships and behaviour. This understanding should enable you to deal with difficult situations more effectively as it addresses the root causes of the problems you’re experiencing.

The aim of psychodynamic counselling is to bring the unconscious mind into consciousness – helping you to unravel, experience and understand your true, deep-rooted feelings in order to resolve them.