What to expect?

Taking the first step and approaching a therapist can feel daunting, especially at a time you’re struggling with something and feel lost or vulnerable, but your sessions can also quickly become a safe haven in your week and a place where you feel supported and validated.

People seek therapy for many reasons and you don’t have to be at your lowest point to approach a therapist. Counselling and psychotherapy can be helpful in tough times and when you feel stuck, and talking to a trained therapist can in itself bring relief – it will give you the opportunity to share all your thoughts and feelings with someone outside of your daily life and being listened to with attention and compassion.

Therapy offers you the space and time you need to work through whatever has brought you here. We will think about things together and work to make sense of your feelings and experiences.  

Therapy can help with a variety of issues, including:
– depression and persistent sadness
– anxiety and overthinking
– difficulties in relationships with a partner, family or friends
– loneliness and difficulty forming relationships
– identity related issues
– feeling a lack of purpose or loss of direction in life or feeling stuck
– low self-esteem and not feeling “good enough”, or perfectionism that means nothing you do feels good enough
– issues around self-confidence and self-image
– adjusting to a new life situation
– cultural identity, cross-cultural issues
– stress and work related issues including redundancy, retraining and running your own business
– loss and bereavement
– emerging adulthood/young adulthood – your twenties can be a time of finding your feet in a time that is often full of changes and choices that can feel difficult to navigate alone. 

It’s also OK if your reason for wanting to come to therapy is less specific. You may feel like you’ve lost yourself, have feelings of disappointment or a sense that you are not living up to your full potential. Therapy can help you explore what you really want in life, and connect with your own creativity and sense of purpose in order to live a more fulfilling life. Having therapy can help you maintain your emotional health and wellbeing in the same way you take steps to maintain your physical health. 


Working with me

Therapy is about making sense of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. I believe we are all influenced by our early experiences and significant relationships from childhood. I also believe there are aspects of us we are less conscious of but nonetheless influence us. Understanding these patterns of thoughts, behaviour and relating to others can help you gain more clarity and help you move forward with a fresh outlook. As each person is different, your therapy will also be a very individual process. 

The therapeutic relationship we form between us will be of utmost importance. I will not give you advice or tell you what you should do, nor will I set you tasks or set the agenda for your sessions; instead, I’ll help you feel more in touch with your own thoughts and feelings so you feel more empowered to live life in your own unique way and feel more fulfilled. Addressing the root causes of your problems often leads to lasting change. It can be a longer process but it is also a real investment in yourself and your future. Your sessions are a space for you to talk about anything that comes to your mind – including thoughts and feelings you may feel you can’t express anywhere else for fear of being judged or misunderstood. 


The first meeting and ongoing sessions

Sessions last for 50 minutes each, and usually take place on the same day and at the same time every week. I generally work in an open-ended way. Some people may come to sessions for a year or longer, and others may need just a few sessions. However most people find a minimum of 12-15 sessions is needed for you to be able to start to make significant changes in your life. 

I’m happy to have a brief telephone call free of charge when you first contact me to discuss your needs and to together decide if it would be helpful to meet for an initial consultation.

The initial consultation is a chance to think together about what has brought you to therapy at this time, and an opportunity to decide if we want to continue working together. I understand coming to therapy can feel daunting and I aim to make the initial session as comfortable and welcoming as possible for you. The initial session is not a commitment to further sessions. If we decide another type of help would be more useful for you or that I’m not the right therapist to help you, I may also suggest a referral to a different service or to a colleague, if this is what you would like.

My consulting room is on Brick Lane in Shoreditch (London E1) within a therapeutic group practice that provides a confidential and comfortable space for our work. I also work online via Zoom. I only work with individual adults (18+). Read more about online therapy here. 



My fee for the initial consultation is £70. Fees for ongoing sessions are set depending on the time/day and your circumstances, and are generally are in the range of £65-75 per session. I occasionally have lower fee places available during the daytime for people on a low income and students – please contact me to discuss this option if you require it.


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